Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm a fanny... Here's a poem.

I can see from my window the bench where we sat. Passing the time with endless chit chat.
The closest of friends, before we were lovers. That friendship remained while embraced under covers.

You'll struggle to find a stronger connection. I fell for your heart and beauty perfection.
Your dazzling wit, your kindness and charm. I was lucky to briefly have you on my arm.

Sometimes I'm afraid of what you might say. The truths you'll reveal as you pull away.
The pain that I feel is an acceptable cost, if someday you reclaim the love that you lost.

I know that it's over, as heartache has called. But I pray it's not final, just currently stalled.
Your silence is awful, for ever I fear. But my love is eternal, be it weeks, months or years.