Friday, August 13, 2010

Moon - Blu Ray Review

Last night I watched Moon on BluRay with my mate Lee.

What an enjoyable experience... Lee brought over a bag of Fruit Gums, and a bag of Fruit Pastilles... There is a fruit theme developing here, and this isn't helped by the fact I made us each a glass of orange squash.

We settled into my leather corner sofa in a relaxed and friendly manner... Not too far away from each other to suggest any sort of repressed sexual tension, and not too close that would make homophobic onlookers uncomfortable. The perfect distance where we could discuss the events of the film, and I could still reach over and tickle behind his ear if I wanted.

Did I want to? Well that is a blog for another time.... (no it isn't... I am being silly again).

We only had to pause the film once as Lee needed to pop for a wee wee. This took longer than I was hoping because Lee has a sore ankle and had to limp to the toilet. It probably added around 50 seconds to the overall weeing time.

So, now the scene is set, on to the film....


This film was stunning in terms of the visual effects and the set pieces, and Sam Rockwell's performance was first class (not in a stamp sense). I really enjoyed his *SPOILER ALERT* performance with himself... The join in the 2 separate performances were hardly visible and I could settle in and enjoy it.

But the plot itself? Weird as fuck! We predicted everything that was going to happen about 10 minutes before it happened (yes, we are those people), and the ending left a kind of "and then.....?" taste in the mouth.

But overall I enjoyed it... It was just a bit weird. If I was to rate if on a scale of Sparrow to Silver Back Gorilla it would be around the "Large Pony" mark...

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